Light installation

I´m new in this world of code and frameworks and I´m really into light installations because i work as a director of photography in cinema. Lasy week I saw a really nice light installation that was made using Openframeworks and I want to try something similar so can anybody tell me how was used openframworks in this installation? Helix (2020) - YouTube
I would really apreciate it. Also I want to start learning how to use openframeworks in my windows any tuturial recommendations would be nice.
Thank u

hello and welcome! it’s difficult to say precisely how openframeworks is specifically used as there are many components in the tech architecture of a performance like that. the audiovisuel sync is tight, which implies a form of control, probably OSC or MIDI from Ableton driving the laser synth.

in order to get started, it means getting up and running with C++. depending on your familiarity with programming and how you like to learn you may start in the learning tab of the website, or if you enjoy video tutorials check @lewislepton’s openFrameworks Tutorial Series - YouTube — and ideally if you can find local users it might really kickstart your process (it helps to see someone navigate/operate a project).

on the practical side there are a couple of laser addons (the OF equivalent to “plugins”) to explore, such as GitHub - timredfern/ofxHelios: Openframeworks addon for drawing vectors with the Helios Laser DAC GitHub - sebleedelisle/ofxLaser: An openFrameworks addon for controlling multiple lasers. and GitHub - memo/ofxIlda: C++ openFrameworks addon for a device agnostic Ilda functionality — of course you need a laser to use them, but there might be links and other documentation in there to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Thank u

Hi, it is not really necesary to use openFrameworks.
What you see in that video is mosly an effect of the camera shutter speed and the laser’s drawing speed.
If you grab any ILDA laser and draw a fixed shape, add some fog and play with the camera shutter you will get the same effect.
openFrameworks is mostly used because of needed a tight syncro with other stuff and/or drawing generative content.
This said, achieving that effect is actually a lot simpler than what it might seem and you dont need to learn to code to get it :slight_smile:

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