Light and OpenFrameWork

Hello frame workers,

I am wondering if any of you has controlled light with OpenFrameWorks before? or anybody has used OpenLightProject with OpenFrameWorks? I would love to have more information!

Thank you in advance


Do you have a link to this?

You can use DMX to control lights, see this addon for example:

Also you can control electronics, including Arduinos, via the serial port. This will lead you to some lighting options, either through relays or LEDs

Thank you so much Grimus. I will try out wit Arduino. Seems like controlling from DMA requires too much hardware? Please correct me if I’m wrong.


DMX does require some hardware, yes.

The Open Lighting Architecture allows you some flexibility when it comes to output the light control signals, though. I’m using it regularly and send out ArtNet (via Ethernet) which can be sent to special boxes (I’m using which translate to DMX, but OLA allows to use many other devices (i.e. USB-DMX-thingies) as well.

OLA integrated OSC support recently, so that would be a pretty easy to use option with OF. You could also link directly to the library to send lighting data directly to OLA and use it as kind of driver, but that might be more than you need.