Library for reading MIDI file in?


Does anyone have any suggestions on a library or files for reading a MIDI file?
(i.e. something like pieceOfBach.mid) that would then provide a list of the notes, durations etc

Possibilities : portmidi, jdksmidi

If there are any examples and/or tips on how these are added, that could be handy.


Just patched together some stuff to load a file using jdksmidi and sending it out to RTMidi. You can check it out here:

just checking this out…quick question

where do I put jdksmidi? It has lib as well as include and src, so should the whole folder go in addons? At present it’s not finding eg #include <jdksmidi/world.h>


You probably just need to add “addons/jdksmidi/include” to your Header Search Path. Are you using Xcode?

Excellent. Thanks for this. Oddly the first Ofx Add-on that required me to download the command line tools from Xcode’s preferences. Must be some components in there on which this depends.

hey I am just try to solve this without success,