Library for generating G-Code

Hello ofCommunity,
I am searching for a library to generate and parse G-Code. Has anyone ever controlled a cnc system in c++/oF?

@companje wrote a very early version of an addon for this, you might want to check it out. He might have some more tips on how to work with it so I’m tagging him in this post.

@eelke Thanks a lot. I will check it out.

I see now that repo is really empty actually… sorry about that :slight_smile: I’m also interested in what you may find on your quest! Are you by any chance using GRBL on an Arduino as an output? In that case maybe as a first you could try taking the GCode commands from GCtrl (the Processing sketch below) and combine them with the ofxGCode addon.

Yes, I am using a GRBL Shield on an Arduino. I have not had much time to do experiments with it.
I found this library, but it is hardly documented:

And i wanted to check out the following to apps:


I looked at doing something similar a long time ago. As I remember the main issue was that most of the Gcode relied heavily on Java math libraries. Curious if you find a solution.

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