libPd & tickperbuffer parameter for iPad & other devices...

Hi mates,

I have a question about the buffer size when we are using libPD.
It is a bit related with that-post

I noticed I had to use a tickperbuffer of 32 (!) on a particular application using a patch with a great requirement about polyphony (basically using a lot of abstractions handled by [poly …] )
It means blocksize * tickperbuffer = 2048 (OMG!)
It works very fine on iPad 2 and, let’s say … it has became my standard stuff.
I’m even reading an audio file with readsf and it is correctly playing (I mean quality is high, no pitch related change etc)

For my other application, I’m using everytime 8 * 64, = 512 and it is also … OK.



the app which uses a lot of voices and OK with tickperbuffer = 32 is universal.
on iPad, totally ok.
on iPhone NO sound with 32.
with 16, it seems better but crackling a bit
with 8, it is ugly.

What would you do ?

I can make conditions about tickperbuffer, eventually I can try to make 2 different PD patches and load one & the other depending on conditions (devices detection I mean)

did someone already make a conditional load of a patch?

I guess I’d have to create two pairs AppCore.h/.mm and to condition in my testApp.h
any experiences about that ?