libfmodex.dylib error

Hi all,

I moved some folders around to have a better workflow.

I think i have changed everything i needed to change, but still it seems te be that there is one path incorrect. It gives an error while

“Running custom shell script”
and than the path to the libfmodex.dylib is wrong. I tried to change the shell script, but it keeps changing it back.

Can i help this and how?


where are you changing the shell script?
the place you can edit it is:

xcode sidebar -> targets -> openFrameworks -> Run Script

select Run Script and then right-click -> “get info”

you should see the following code:

cp -f ../../../libs/fmodex/lib/libfmodex.dylib "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$"  
install_name_tool -change ./libfmodex.dylib @executable_path/libfmodex.dylib "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$$PRODUCT_NAME"   

just change the relative path after cp -f to where the dylib is residing and close the window and compile!

hope that helps!

It works!

I am new to XCode and hadn’t seen this yet.

Hmm… I have tried updating this path to an absolute path (also tried using relative to $SRCROOT) but still it reports the error:
Line Location Tool:0: cp: /Users/plong0/Documents/Xcode/openFrameworks/of_preRelease_v0.05_xcode_FAT/apps/_ofTest1/ No such file or directory

with $SRCROOT being /Users/plong0/Documents/Xcode/openFrameworks/of_preRelease_v0.05_xcode_FAT/apps/_ofTest1/

Funny thing is, when I use finder to open the package, the libfmodex.dylib is actually there. I wonder if there is somewhere else that I must update the path?

Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah, I used the instructions of to setup the project from the _emptyExample project

I will let you know that I am new to both Xcode and openFrameworks

well, I have found a solution that seems to work. Before I was copying the _emptyExample directly to the of_preRelease/apps folder when the example is located in of_preRelease/apps/examples (so an extra path level). My solution was to copy to a location at the same level as examples of_preRelease/apps/myApps

From there, I was able to compile properly, and even to rename with relative ease the name of the binary and project from the generic openFrameworks.

I am still curious why I wouldn’t be able to have the project located at a level higher in the directory layout.


I am getting this error as well. The project is located in my addons example folder. The folder structure is untouched and I even tried replacing everything with a fresh download. The path in the script seems correct, the dylib just isn’t being built there. I tried replacing it with an absolute path, but it makes no difference. I’ve constructed projects for addon examples before and they all build fine. The only difference I see hear is that the addon libraries are located in a subfolder within the addons folder, but moving them up a level doesn’t seem to make a difference. Any idea what’s going on here?


Any clue? I don’t like bumping threads, but this is delaying a big project.


you’ll have to post the specific error messages you are getting and a zip of the project.
I would recommend pastebin ( ) for the errors and yousendit ( ) for the project.

if the addons projects and example projects work there is obviously something that you must have changed in your project to break the linking process.

I’m sure it will be easy to figure out

all the best.

Thanks, Theo. Here they are:…-eEN4dnc9PQ

I thought I relinked all files, but I’m sure I changed something without realizing it.

The error is actually this:

/Users/zachgold/Desktop/of_preRelease_v0061_osxSL_FAT/apps/addonsExamples/msaInterpolatorExample/src/testApp.cpp:191: error: no matching function for call to 'MSA::Vec3::rotate(int, float, int)'

If you comment out this line:

	pt.rotate(0, -currentRot, 0);  

in testApp::mousePressed

then the app compiles.

it seems the example is not up to date with the version of MSA libs

and if you replace the offending line by

MSA::Vec3f axis;  
axis.set(0.0, 1.0, 0.0);  

then the example should behave like it’s supposed to. i think. haven’t tested the code, this came off the top of my head.

Hey guys, thanks for pointing this out. Yea Theo is right that the addon example is out of date with the lib, whoops, sorry bout that.

Bilderbuchi’s solution is correct. A shorthand way of writing that (whole section) is:

	MSA::Vec3f pt(x-ofGetWidth()/2, y, 0);  
	pt.rotate(MSA::Vec3f(0, 1, 0), -currentRot);  

I’m not at a git enabled machine right now so cannot update the rep, but will do so later today.

yeah i thought that there’s got to be a more efficient solution, thought i better leave that to the pros. :stuck_out_tongue:
btw i posted a bug report about this in the github repo…

Big thanks to everyone! I knew about this error and brought it up in another thread, but figured it was distinct from the dylib error, which I figured was due to the file structure I implemented for the MSA addons. Turns out it was causing it somehow as now it builds fine. Weird.