libdc1394 success?

hi all

noticed a couple threads made reference to trying to get the ‘libdc1394’ API to work. has anyone succeeded with this? would love to use the library with OF to make use of some AVT cameras i have access to in OSX. but i don’t yet understand how to use the API to actually display what it’s capturing.


Hey nay,

I am working on an OS X version as we speak with Shawn Bonkowski. I’ll be posting things as soon as they work.



I would literally kill a man for this to work.

Ok, maybe not literally, but it would be amazing since now I have to do some ridiculous workarounds to make some of my cameras work.

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Hey Joshua,

I have been making good progress today, down to two compiler problems with a basic single frame grabber.

See the forum here:

to keep up on the progress, once I have got the basic functionality working, I am going to create an addon to allow full IIDC compatibility in Linux and OSX, with Windows support as soon as the libDC1394 windows port comes out of beta.