libcurl with codeblocks windows

Which would be the best package to download for use with codeblocks on windows?

I’ve downloaded various bits and not got them to work so far.

“This is a pure binary libcurl package, possibly including header files and documentation, but without the command line tool and other cruft. If you want libcurl for a program that uses libcurl, this is most likely the package you want.”

cygwin - (7.16.3)


generic - (7.18.2)

[update 1]
I downloaded curl-7.18.2-devel-mingw32

It contains .dll files and .h files but no .lib files.

Anyone got libcurl running on windows? If so, any tips?


… maybe using poco instead of libcurl is the way to go since poco is scheduled to be included into the core. I remember codeblocks poco projects have been posted on the forum already.