hello again!

i’m having some troubles again with missing or not found libraries on linux.

i tried to compile and it gives the following error
 cannot open share object file: no such file or directory  

What’s the best way to solve this. i’m just wondering if there’s any way to solve this and avoid the terminal, i’m a beginner with linux and normally i make things worst instead of making it better

thank you very much

Hi charly

That file should be there… can you take a look in libs/ffmpeg/libavformat/ inside the openframeworks directory?

If the file isn’t there, download again openframeworks from the [url=http]download section[url]

If it’s there perhaps is some kind of configuration problem with your project then, can you upload the cbp file of your app so i can take a look…

Also this error is when compiling or when executing from codeblocks? in 0.05 you cannot execute from inside codeblocks, you need to execute your app using a script in the bin directory called