lib cinder

Hi all ,

i just discovered, After reading overview of the features it seems similar to OF.
Any one haave experience using it ? what are the main differences ?



I started learning OF and C++ since the beginning of this year, and them I start with Cinder since its release, both have good and awesome features.

The thing I like the most about OF is its integration with iOS, something that Cinder is a bit behind, for example there is no device orientation support in Cinder, and the text and font support is also poor but all that will be fix in the future, with OF on the other hand works pretty well.

Now Cinder comes with lots of sample projects pack with advance concepts, and its Vector Math Class is awesome, they also have a VBO class that is pretty dam good as well, but so does OF.

I only scratch the surface of both and I love them, and there is a very talented group of people behind both of them.

All I can say is play with both they are awesome.