LGPL question


this has actually nothing to do with OF directly but I am working on some code projects right now which I might want to openSource in the future too. Anyways one thing I don’t like about the LGPL is that if you sell something you build with certain software licensed under the LGPL, you have to provide the source code too (as far as I understand). Since I think under alot of circumstances that simply does not make any sense, and I don’t really want to do so just to fulfil the license, I think about releasing my own opensource things under the EPL:

Anyways my question is, if my “software package” uses any kind of LGPL code, I propably can’t use another license, right?
On the other hand, if the LGPL code I use is just embedded as a library, I should be able to change the license for the main contribution of my code right? At least thats how I understood the LGLP. Any clearification would be great!

Edit: Okay, I just saw that it’s enough to give the recipient the possibility to get the source code, so its not necessary to distibute it explicitly with a final “work”. In that case I could propably live with LGPL.

The LGPL permits you to use LGPL code in a piece of proprietary software no problem, but if you modify the LGPL part you are obliged to offer the source. You don’t have to offer your bit (the proprietary bit). Since the LGPL bit was LGPL in the first place, you don’t really lose anything.

GPL is different, if you use GPL code in your project, your whole project must be GPL. That’s the main difference between GPL and LGPL

cool thanks for clearing that up for me!