(LGPL) Mimas, Video Input to and Unicap ??

Mimas-Video-Input is written in C++ and claims support for: File, Gstreamer, Xine, Video for Linux (V4L) and Firewire right out of the box. Being OF in LGPL, does it make sense to switch to Mimas instead of unicap?

Furthermore, while crawiling the site, mimas seems to have support for many other things:

It is easy to use and includes tools for edge detection, corner detection, various filters, optic flow, tracking, blob analysis, Web cam tools for real-time applications, and much more. It also includes many implementations of traditional algorithms such as the Canny edge detector, Harris and Stephens corner detector and pairwise geometric histograms (PGH). It was developed for GNU/Linux, but the parts, which only rely on ImageMagick, fftw3 or Qt, can be compiled for MS Windows.

I checked the mimas v4l capture sample and it’s-very-clean.

Hey Ariel

This looks interesting, but have a couple of issues: it doesn’t support v4l2 and is not been updated since oct 30 2006.

Appart from that there’s some interesting ideas in the library as the memory interface solution to use gstreamer as input, perhaps with that we can get rid of fobs for the videoplayer that is being really problematic and also have sound as with quicktime!!