Lexical preprocessor issue: <list> file not found, oF 0.8.0, Xcode 4.6.3

This is what I got when I first downloaded the latest 0.8.0 version of openFrameworks and tried to compile the osxHighPerformanceVideoPlayerExample. Everything compiles fine with oF 0.7.4. What could be the problem?

What OSX are you on? There’s something about the new libraries in osxHighPerformanceVideoPlayerExample and different C++ versions (98 vs 11) that is kinda funky at times.

Hi. I get this exact error with any example project that I try to run, For example: soundPlayerExample

xCode says that the error comes from ofArduino.h , when it tries to include “list”:

#include (here is the error)

I am also running the latest 0.8.0 version of OF, which I just downloaded today, and xcode 4.6.3.

Any help?

Thanks a lot!

That seems like something else must be wrong because list is one of the C++ std libraries and it should be included anywhere. Can you try running one of the empty examples and make sure that you have all the paths to OF correctly set and that there’s nothing weird in your project settings? Also, could you post the output of your compiler so maybe I can see if there’s something else going wrong in there?

I´m an absolute beginner in OF but I had the same problem which disappeared after installing/updating the command line tools in Xcode (Preferences/Downloads choose Components > Command Line Tools).