Lets make 3DUI development easier

Hi everyone!
I’m Tuukka Takala, a 3D User Interface researcher in Aalto University, Finland.

Creating 3DUIs that use Kinect, Wiimotes etc. can be tricky with getting the hardware and software to work, and then coding the actual interaction.
Therefore I created the following survey to map problems in 3D user interface development:

If you have tried developing your own 3DUI applications, please answer the survey. The results will help to make things easier for 3DUI hobbyists. I’ll publish the results in a

scientific publication next year.

Keep on shining,
-Tuukka Takala


So far I have received 57 answers for my survey. Before I start to analyze the data and write a publication after 10th of October, **there is still time to answer the survey here: **

The survey will remain open even after that.
Below are some statistics from the answers received so far.

Participant (developer) demographics:
55 Males - 2 Females
22 Hobbyists - 35 Professionals (researchers & practitioners)

3DUI Applications developed by the participant (each reported one application):
25 Apps using Wiimotes
20 Apps using Kinect
13 Apps using Camera(s)
7 Apps using data gloves
6 Apps using inertial sensors
5 Apps using multitouch surface
1 App using haptic device

  • some more exotic input devices
    (Each reported application could include multiple input devices)

28 Research applications
24 Hobbyist applications
5 Commercial applications

I have initial results about what developers consider to be the biggest obstacles in 3DUI development. I’ll publish the results in my upcoming publication and not in this post, so that any remaining survey participants won’t be influenced.

I have posted my survey to several Kinect, Wiimote, and other 3DUI related forums. I still hope to get more answers, so if you have ideas where I could advertise the survey, please let me know.

Best regards,

-Tuukka Takala