LED blink control using arduino

Hi there,

I just started to learn arduino and oF.

and what I am trying to do is blinking LED on arduino.

if you press 1 on keyboard, arduino blink delay time is one sec.
if you press 2 on keyboard, arduino blink delay time is two sec.

like this one to nine.

but, i have no idea how to control arduino thru oF.

could you help me? I’m kinda desperate…T_T



take a look at the firmataExample, there you can see how to control a led and a potentiometer through an arduino with oF. you’ll need to upload the firmata sketch to the arduino. from the arduino ide go to File > Sketchbook > Examples > Library-Firmata > standard firmata

open that example and upload it. then you can program the arduino directly from oF as it’s shown in the firmataExample.