Least painful way of including a new addon on an existing project


I’m on VS 2015 using OF 0.9.6.
I was wondering what the least ‘painful’ way of including a new addon to an existing project would be.

I’ve got a project with 4 addons and some custom settings.

If I use the project generator it messes all the project settings. I’ve also tried the right-click on project and using ‘Openframeworks Addons’ but that seems to cause other linking problems for the specific addon (ofxLibwebsockets in this case). It does not end up pointing to the addons folder, only using a relative path. I’m not sure what else it doesn’t link in the background actually, just doesn’t work as I would hope it to.


using the project generator is usually the easiest, it would overwrite any custom settings in your project though so it’s recomended to add any extra settings through addons or visual studio property pages so you can readd them easily when recreating the project.

if you have a really complex project with a lot of custom settings and want to add a simple addon sometimes the easiest is to just add it manually

the OF plugin should respect any custom settings but is really new so it might not work with some complex addons. opening an issue with the exact problem and which addon you are using would help fixing it: https://github.com/openframeworks/visualstudioPlugin/issues

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