learning math for c++/openframeworks

greetings all,

as the title suggests, im on the look out to learn math for c++/openframeworks. that may seem like a bit of a weird, or more so, vague question. but its been one on my mind to ask. so i thought i may as well sully the forums with the question.

i do have a very good book which im going to go through again. ‘mathematics for the non-mathematician’ by professor morris kline. good read. suggest you look at it. though i have forgotten most of it ;}
but was wanting to know whether there was anything that could help in terms of videos or even computer based math with c++.
books im all for, but sometimes you just need someone talking to you to then get what they are on about.


If you are want to learn animation techniques.
http://natureofcode.com/ by Daniel Shiffman is a great place to get started.

yeah ive been eyeing that up actually a few weeks ago, have it bookmarked.
also been talking about it with some colleagues.


Hi leed,

I’d also recommend Zach Lieberman’s algo2012 example files: https://github.com/ofZach/algo2012

They cover a lot of the basic principles as well and since they’re native openFrameworks you might can cross-reference with the Nature of Code stuff to get a handle on C++ and math at the same time.

oooh, thank you so much. will give that a good look-see.
looking forward to zachs oF book as well. already pre-ordered :wink: