LEAP Motion: sign up for SDK

Anyone see this new 3D-interaction-device? It looks very promising! I would urge you all to sign up for the SDK and (free) device so we can have a ofxLeap as soon as it gets out. At least one of us needs to get a hold of the SDK! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve seen it already. Looks awesome, although, so far it’s pretty renderings and not much hard information. I hope my paranoia is unfounded, though. I applied for the SDK in any case, although with that amount of attention I don’t rate my chances too high of getting one.

yeah - memo’s msafluids are here (:45 in) so it may already be working with OF :slight_smile:

I noticed msafluids as well, but if I had to guess I’d say they implemented a multi-purpose multitouch protocol (TUIO?) and use that to drive the fluid solver. We want full depth data and 3D finger tracking data! :smiley:

I’m very interested!! It look like better than Kinect!

Great news! I’ve been selected by the Leap team and I will receive a developer unit within a few weeks. I could also download the SDK, which includes samples for c++, c#, java and python. I am not allowed to distribute the software yet, but I can say that they made it very easy to use the device for hand and finger tracking. Think Leap.getHands(), hand.getFingers(), finger.getTip(), tip.getPosition().

As soon as I receive my device I’ll play with it and create a nice and simple ofxLeap!

nice! can you also get raw data (point clouds), or does it just give you finished skeleton data?

I just asked that question on the developer forum. We’ll see!

Quoting the developer forum response:

“The API does not support obtaining 3D point cloud data at this time. Our core focus is on hand and object tracking. Our engineering team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this space, so stay tuned for updates in the news feed about new features in the SDK and information about the SDK roadmap.”

I’d read that as “nah, you won’t get point cloud data cause the USB bandwidth is not sufficient for the raw data at the insane resolution we market our device with”. :smiley:
which is a pity imo, with 1/100mm resolution, one could do great 3D object scanning (which was the application I pitched in my devkit application).

Quick follow-up on this one: received my dev-unit today and got it working pretty quickly (there is some connection issue which only allows the device to be in low-energy mode, but there seem to be more people with this issue and it’s being fixed). Created a nice little addon with the following public methods:

void setup();
bool frameIsNew();

vector getHandPositions();
vector getFingerPositions();

and this is working pretty good. There is more data (to which hand every finger belongs, the direction of the fingers, etc) but this seems like a good start. I wont be allowed to release this until the device is for sale / the SDK is public.

I tried running my Kinect and the Leap at the same time, and there do not seem to be any interference issues. It looks like the Leap is flashing its IR LEDs on a very high rate and it’s not noticeably affected by the Kinects ‘IR spray cannon’.

I attached a screen grab of my tracked hands and fingers inside OF :slight_smile:

daanvanhasselt: Would you be able to create a post with some additional info in the Leap Motion developer forum for those of us that have the dev unit as well? Perhaps in the Projects and Collaborations folder?

My application was approved today as well. Anyone else? I suspect I will get to try it out in January and would like to contribute to the addon.

Mine got approved as well this week. Looking at their forums, it seems totally OK to release an oF addon that uses the leapmotion SDK. The one for Cinder is already on github.

I think the community would encourage that, just not publishing the SDK.

I put together a tumbler with examples of what people are developing to share with others: http://leapitup.tumblr.com/

Hello all,

Just wanted to tell you that pre-orders are available: https://leapmotion.com/press-release-leap-best-buy
Now waiting for my unit :).

hey, whats up with the ofxLeap addon by th way? what’s speaking about releasing your addon on github, there should be a lot more people out there with a developer preview of the device who would love to join hands.


I put this up a while ago:

doesn’t wrap the whole sdk - but gives some easy access to some elements.

There’s the DUO (by Code Laboratories people), the open, more general alternative of the LEAP, being kickstarted right now. They have some 50 hours to go, and are only halfway there:

They are using two PS3Eyes for tracking, and you can get the depth map/point cloud back as far as I can tell.