Lead Creative Tech [Fulltime] @ Fake Love/NYT - NYC

Hey y’all

Posting this around to some of the forums that have relevant skills - we use OF quite a bit, but are branching out into a lot of different stuff:

Fake Love was acquired by the New York Times last year but we have essentially stayed the same place despite growing from 10 people last year to almost 45 now. It’s been a fun ride and we’re looking for a new lead with some live event/AV style skills (you have some experience with projectors/video hardware) OR someone with a decent VR/AR background maybe with more experience with Unity. This is a full time position and we’re looking to get someone in ASAP, but can be a bit flexible about timing.

My ideal is to get someone who already lives in NYC already, but I could be convinced for the right candidate.

Hit me up or send me an email directly if you’re interested blair [at] fakelove [dot] tv