Layering as many alpha videos as possible

Hello everyone!
I am starting a new project, consisting of layering as many videos as possible combining them using their alpha channel.
The computer I am about to use is quite powerful regarding GPU: it is a NVidia GeForce GTX770 with 2GB of VRAM on a windows 7 machine, so I would like to transfer as much processing as possible to it.
I am a bit new to Openframeworks, but not to programming, and I would like to ask what methods are the most suitable for this.
I have been told that frameworks based on rendering frame by frame may not be the most suitable for that task, but after digging a little on the forum, it looks like OpenFrameworks should work fine.

I have found some useful topics -sorry, I can’t put all the links, I will just paste the name of the threads:
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But I wonder if there is any new method I could use -some of the topics are 6 years old- that relys on the GPU.
This looks like very useful any way:

The videos are almost FullHD but with not much info on them: black-alpha backgorund and a figure moving from buttom to top, just that. I would like to play up to 20 videos, if possible :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Any help would be highly appreciated. I will


The main problem for layering videos is data transfer from hard drive and video decoding.

I have good experience using HAP codec and alpha channels in OSX. I haven’t tried it in windows, but i think is supported. My test was layering 6 full HD videos with alpha on a mid 2011 mac book pro, 30 fps, and joumping echa 5 seconds to a different point in each video. In my calculations they skipped 1 frame when doing random seek, but was almost unnoticeable.

  1. You really need a SSD drive
  2. Download the HAP codec, here is the info:
  3. compress your videos in quicktime with hap codec
  4. Use the videoplayer that comes on ofxHap:

As Hap is decoded on the GPU, you can use the resulting texture to precess it with shaders as much as you like…

Keep up posted with your results i would love to see if you can handle 20 videos at the same time :smile:

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Thanks a lot for the info!
Using HAP really worked :smile: Now I have to deal with the code :wink: Thanks a lot Drakko!