Layered pdf export

Hey all

Is there a method using ofBeginSaveScreenAsPDF() that allows layered pdf production?

i.e. different colours on different layers, etc…


I guess not!

Hey! There’s no direct support for PDF layers but when control is required for print, several “renders” can be exported as different PDFs and later combined (that’s what i do anyway). It may however require some re-architecturing of the draw().

How will you be making use of these layers? It may orient thinking.

I’m planning a pdf export to illustrator/Inkscape for drawing on a plotter machine, so with each layer a different colour. At the moment I do a ‘select by stroke colour’ and layering that way after export, just wondering if I can streamline!

well if you are able to group your drawing calls by colour you can use multiple passes such as:

// draw the red things

// draw the chartreuse things

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