LAV video decoder?!

While playing back videos with ofVideoPlayer, I was surprised to see this in my Windows System Tray:

Apparently a LAV video decoder and LAV splitter are generated for each instance of ofVideoPlayer that has had its load() function called and I have 32 instances.

Is this OK, or is there a more optimal way to handle multiple instances? Also, are there are any recommended settings to improve performance? Eg. unchecking codecs not in use…? (I’m using h264)

(I’m loading videos into separate players and then play()ing and stop()ing as needed to avoid the slowdown from load()ing live).

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Hey @s_e_p is the with the nightly?

@NickHardeman added a new video player for Windows which is in the nightly builds - curious if this is tied to that or the legacy player.

Hey, yes, this should be a nightly build from April 2, when I tried using emscripten.

Good to know there’s a new video player in the nightly, do you have a link to some details on this?