Launching glitchIO pocket glitch art app on iOS with oF

I’m very happy to launch the latest generative piece for iOS mobile and iPad.

glitchiO is a generative Pocket Art work that explores the space inside randomness and glitch. Inspired by analogue VHS tape noise, damaged video cassettes and dirty VCRs

glitchiO is a piece of visual generative Pocket Art for mobile phones and tablets that explores the space inside randomness and glitch. It is inspired by the analogue VHS tape noise of damaged video cassettes and dirty playback heads on domestic VCRs. Reimagining this space for contemporary digital media and mobile phones glitchiO is a contemplation and treatise on what it is to hear machines speak in the interstitial spaces between human defined functions.

Using touch gestures and accelerometer you can navigate the visual world of noise, glitch, randomness and higher stochastic functions.

you can download it for free from the Apple app store here

you can find the source code using openFrameworks here on my github pages

when I get over Covid and out of isolation I’ll :slight_smile: be posting a video walk through of building it and the how and why on my art+code youtube channel


Hey @danb I will keep an eye out for your video! Lately I’ve been very tempted to try iOS and OF. I have some older devices around that might need something creative to do in their retirement years. Covid can be dreadful and hope you get well soon with no lingering effects!

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did the walk thru of the code and the inspiration to build it


I just uploaded part 2 of making glitchiO -VHS inspired glitch art for iOS - porting code from macOS to iOS and sending to app store…

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