Latest ofxkinect complied issue VS

never using ofxkinect b4,i just try with of master brunch,there’re some erros during the vs compiling

keep_alive.c(172): error C2065: “PID_K4W_AUDIO_ALT_1”: Undeclared identifier
keep_alive.c(175): error C2065: “PID_K4W_AUDIO_ALT_1”: Undeclared identifier
keep_alive.c(176): error C2065: “PID_K4W_AUDIO_ALT_2” Undeclared identifier

libfreenect-registration.h(82): error C2371: “freenect_reg_info”: ‘functionname’ redefinition: different basic types
libfreenect-registration.h(89): error C2371: “freenect_reg_pad_info” ‘functionname’ redefinition: different basic types
libfreenect-registration.h(97): error C2371: “freenect_zero_plane_info” ‘functionname’ redefinition: different basic types
ofxkinect.cpp(251): error C2039: error C2039: “motor_control_with_audio_enabled”: is not a member of “_freenect_device”

i havn’t uninstall the kinect 2.0 MS sdk&driver yet,does it matters?
@theo,or i shoudn’t using the latest version?


Hey Liquid!

Are you using the ofxKinect version in the current OF master branch?
PID_K4W_AUDIO_ALT_1 is defined in “freenect_internal.h”

If you try the 0.8.3 download or 0.8.4 does the Kinect example build and run for you there?

It could be an issue of not getting all the include paths.


ok,i did running the script,so there were two libfreenect_registration.h in the folder,mess up
now it’s fine after clean up. does default win dirver only support win32? is there any 64 bit driver avaible?
i saw there’re amd64 folder but none of those working under the win64.


ok,i just noticed the driver not support the kinect 4 windows i guess? my model is 1517,tried with serval computer,all the same,
any one got working with this model under the windows?