Latest iPhone code?


I’ve been using v0.61 with CB, VS2010 and XCode and am having a lot of fun.

I tried setting up with ofxiPhone and have a bundle of errors. The folder structure that I downloaded looks a bit different. Perhaps I loaded an older version. I’m downloading the iPhone SDK v3.2 beta 5. Is that OK to use?

Could someone just summarize where I would pick up the latest stable version with the examples and the correct folder structure.

I’ll try and load the latest from Git.


Have now done a git clone git:// and that seems a lot more organised. Thanks memo, that’s fantastic.

Just have an error with pbxcp not found. I shall investigate.

It was looking for an “images” folder in the EmptyExample/bin/dev/ folder. Didn’t need to put anything in there. That allowed the compile and the simulator ran to give the splash page and then an empty (black) screen.

Now to try the other examples.

Thanks again, for all this work. So exciting…am I sad or what!

You can also try this version which is more up to date:…

Its a work in progress release - so it might change a bit in the next few days.

Thanks Theo. I’ll check it out…