laser used as a sort of mouse for a PC

I’m a really beginner and I know very few thing about OF (and nothing about how to programming) :?:

Once you’ve dissected a color tracking app (like Laser Tag), the key is controlling the mouse. You say “PC”, so I assume Windows, in which case you want SendInput(). There’s an older version that might still work call mouse-event() that looks a bit easier. By default these use relative coordinates, but you can send a flag for using absolute values. If you’re on a Mac, I know Theo has synthesized keystrokes for controlling an emulator…

Thanks for the help!:smiley:
Everyday someone remind me something negative about Windows and its limitations…In this moment I really would have a Mac or use Linux but unfortunately my university are still too affectionate to PC and so if I want produce something useful for an exam there I must adapt me to to their needs…
However, If I have the possibility, I’ll try with a Mac and ask to Theo for this mouse emulator so I can spare many hours of work! :?

I think the easiest thing to do is to use a wiimote and remove the front filter and replace it for a red one (if you are using a red laser)
You can then download this and voila, your laser would be the mouse on your screen

Do you mean the plastic lens on the front of the wiimote? Or are you talking about a software based filter? I have been using the wii-mote to control my mouse and it works OK but there are a few things I don’t like about it: It requires me to start Bluetooth manuall and press the buttons on the Wii-mote. Plressing the bottons means that I have to pick up the wii-mote and that means that I have to re-sync it too. I want it to be up and ready to use, just like a real mouse as soon as my windows system boots, but anyway, please asnswer the question above and if you are talking about a piece of red plastic over the front of the wii-mote could you suggest a supplier, or maybe of DIY article / video about how to replace thise “filter” safely.