large ofImage is just white


i want to load some large JPG Files. ( 3072 x 2304 )

but i just got shown a white Image.

the loading it going correct. i can get the height and width of the image. by GetHeight()
the only way to show it is to resize it. under 2000x2000. over this its just shown white.

if anyone know some trick or have an idea what i can do it would be great.

thank you.

I am curious if it is running into a graphics card limitation. Can you try .setTexture(false) on your ofImage?


if you’re using v007 your graphics card or your openGL version might not support that, go back to open framwork and download v0062 and try it.

this wouldn’t be an 007 vs 0062 thing. using an older version of OF generally doesn’t solve problems. it’s probably that JagoJago is running into a graphics card memory limitation.

see section 21.130 on this page for advice on figuring out what your card’s maximum texture size is

thanks for your answers.
yes it looks like i was running into the texture limits with my netbook …:slight_smile:
found out that the absolut limit is at 2048 px. after this all is white.

i think now i have to divide the ofimage into 4 different textures. or downscale it to 2048 max pixelwidth