Hello, I posted this in x-code. Perhaps this is a better place.

Laptopograms are images made by pressing photosensitive paper onto a laptop screen and flashing an image in a manner not unlike contact printing or photograms. Here are some I made:

On my laptop (I run Lucid Lynx) I wrote a small shell script to control my screen:

sudo vbetool dpms on ; sleep 2.0; sudo vbetool dpms off

I would now like to use an iPhone or an iPod Touch as the screen. I’m thinking of downloading a slideshow app and sandwiching the real image between two black images - but this is suboptimal.

Could you guys help me out writing a small script that controls the iPod Touch screen? Something that lets me display images for a predetermined amount of time. I also wish to play movies and make prints with them.


I would start by looking at the imageLoaderExample in the iPhoneExamples directory of the latest openFrameworks/iPhone download. Get it to compile, and start messing around switching your own images for the ones included.

maybe take a look at the oF documentation:

or see if anyone has asked a similar question in the beginners forum: