Lab won't compile and i keep getting these errors:

So I created a new project in of_v0.9.2_osx_release in apps then myApps. No problem then I type a little code to see if it will compile and I get these five errors: " ofMain.h" file not found, Process failed with exit code 1, the following products could not be built for configuration qt_desktop_f4c81975-debug:, Lab4, openFrameworks
… I’m going crazy if anyone can help me figure out with the problem is that would be AMAZING!!

The C++ student losing her mind

Could you post your code and some more detailed information like OS. Can you compile the examples included with OF?

are you using the project generator to make a new project? are you trying to compile an older project in OF ?

missing ofMain usually means that your project is not in the right location, but we definitely need more info to help here. As @DomAmato asks, it’s good to know if the examples compile and run (and more details about your platform)

seems you are using qtcreator, it’s support for osx is still slightly experimental and it might have problems in some edge cases.

Can you check that you are creating the project inside openFrameworks/apps/myApps/projectFolder

myApps and projectFolder can be anything but it works better if you create projects 2 levels below the openFrameworks folder instead of trying to create them anywhere in your drive

In any case if the problems persist, xcode and creating projects with the project generator is better supported at this time under osx

Welcome to the C/C++ world :slightly_smiling: