L-System openFrameworks addons


Hey! I’ve just published two new addons to generate L-Systems using openFrameworks.
The First one is ofxLSystemGrammar, an addon that generates sequences of strings starting from an axiom, the second one is called https://github.com/edap/ofxLSystem and it is a 3D turtle graphic interpretation of LSystem. Both addons come with examples included.

ofxLSystemGrammar it just rewrites string following the the L-Systems grammars described in the book “The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants”, it does not include a graphic turtle program.

ofxLSystem is, instead, a 3D graphic turtle interpretation of L-Systems, and it uses internally the previous addon. It inherits from of3DPrimitive, that means you can generate trees and use them like a ofBoxPrimitive, move them around, rotate them ecc… This last addon may change the interface in the next days.