[Kyle's list] 2 - Release schedule

_[as someone suggested this, I will open a thread for the main points Kyle brought up in this 007 megamail. First post is his original point. I could use some help with people adding the main points of what has been discussed since then.]

i’m super happy this release has happened! but i think it should have
happened a while ago. this release should have been 0071 or 0072

i firmly believe in ‘release early/often’. i don’t think >6 months is
really ‘often’. talking with theo last night, he said he likes the
ubuntu release cycle of 6 months with minor releases. i think aiming
for more like 3 or 4 months would be healthy for OF. it doesn’t always
have to be a huge changes/addition. that’s what version numbers are
for i think making the git -> release process as automated as
possible (running on the server) is a huge step in this direction.