KuStudio - Minimalistic and superstable OSC editor

We (Kuflex lab) had developed KuStudio - minimalistic OSC editor/recorder/player, which allows to play a single audio track and send several OSC tracks to external receivers.
We use it as a core timeline module in our live performances and concerts in Kuflex / Lux in Vox since mid 2015.

Before developing, we want to use some existing software for OSC timeline (Duration or Vezer app), but soon realize that we need a quite minimal set of functions and minimal GUI, just to send several OSC parameters, play an audio track, and capability to draw OSC tracks using mouse or record them from TouchOSC or VDMX.

So, in summer 2015 we had started developing our own OSC editor, and currently it seems to be helpful not only for us, but for wider audience!

Source codes for openFrameworks 0.9.3: https://github.com/kuflex/KuStudio

Binaries for OSX and Windows: https://sourceforge.net/p/kustudio

User Guide: https://github.com/kuflex/KuStudio/blob/master/bin/KuStudio-Guide.pdf

For quick support, please write to perevalovds@gmail.com

###Examples of using###


very impressive!!

i’ll have a try