Kuklon: using OF + Microsoft Kinect SDK

Kuklon is the interactive project where we tested perfomance of Microsoft Kinect SDK for skeletal tracking.

Microsoft Kinect SDK’s tracking is not so stable as OpenNI, it works only on Windows 7, and tracks only 2 people. But it tracks people skeleton without any calibration pose - and it’s is huge advantage for public interactive projects.


  1. Tracker: Standard Microsoft Kinect SDK’s skeletal example was modified - for sending OSC messages.
  2. Render: OpenFrameworks.

great :slight_smile:

Can you tell me how is the puppet rendered???, seems like animata.

Animata is good, but here all rendering is on OF, using number of png-files for doll and scene.
Almost all is configured via ini-files, so we adapt new scenes and dolls easily.
(But not so easily as in Animata).

thanks for the answer !!

Since you were speaking about the limits of the MS sdk: did you try SaveCalibrationData() and SaveCalibrationDataToFile() ? they allow you to have skeleton data without a calibration in OpenNI

i read in the openni google group that prime sense is going to release a new version without the need for the calibration pose.

sounds like good news: the “save calibration to file” things works good for me, but it still feel hackish, so a stable, fully supported solution is absolutely welcome.