Kuflex #1: details about the large oF-based interactive exhibition

We are Kuflex team. We use oF as a main tool in our art-projects and also published two books Mastering openFrameworks (2013), openFrameworks Essentials (2015), and video course openFrameworks Interactivity (2017).

Now we opened an exhibition Kuflex #1 at gallery Media Art Abrau (Abrau Durso, Russia). It consists of 8 interactive installations, made with openFrameworks. All works features depth cameras, projections (or LED display) and sound.


  1. Portal (big LED display + mirrors, Xtion; pure oF)
  2. Another Land (projectors, Xtions; oF + Unreal Engine 4)
  3. Constellations (projector + holographic meshes; Xtion, PC; pure oF)
  4. Quantum Space (projectors, Xtions; oF + Max/MSP)
  5. Scanner (LED TV, 1 Kinect v2; pure oF)
  6. Moths (projector, Xtion; pure oF)
  7. Simbiosys (projectors, Xtions; pure oF)
  8. Speed of Color (projectors, Xtions; of + Unreal Engine 4)

We published the oF-addons and functions which were used extensively in this projects:

  • ofxKuTextGui - oF addon for creating textual GUI controlled by keyboard and mouse. The main feature - it allows to automatically generate C++ GUI-code using text script (see example-gui-generate example), which saves so much time for us. Also, up to 16 programs made with ofxKuTextGui can be controlled remotely via OSC, using KuRemote project. This, again, saves a lots of time when tuning up mapping and other parameters across all installations.

  • ofxKu - a relatively independent collection of useful functions, including working with text files, computer vision (using OpenCV and not using OpenCV), disk recorder, presets and others. For example, interactivity in Quantum Space project is based on our robust algorithm of optical flow for binary Kinect masks (see ofxKuRasterOptFlow.h)

  • ofxKuBox2d - addon for Box2D library especially intended for simulating physics with Kinect masks. It is used as a main part for creating interactivity in Another Land project.

  • ofxKuNetwork - wrapper over ofxNetwork oF core addon, intended for sending and receiving data arrays over network. It is used in all “big” installations - Quantum Space, Another Land, Simbiosys, for transferring data from “Tracker” computer (controlling Kinects/Asus Xtions) to “Render” computer (performing actual rendering on the screen).

Two projects (Another Land and Speed of Color) use not oF, but Unreal Engine 4 for rendering, whereas capturing data from depth cameras and modelling physics performed using oF. Control information from oF-programs is sent to Unreal project using our plugins for Unreal Engine (will be published soon).
One plugin sets positions of objects in Unreal scene (in Another Land), and another plugin sets content of texture (in Speed of Color). Plugins are based on this code for creating texture in Unreal Engine 4.

We will be happy give more detailed information on projects. Also we are ready to teach oF and UE on master-classes (English language) and looking for collaborations all around the world :slight_smile: