KoS released - OF based game for iOS and Android

Hi Guys.

We finally have released our pet-project “Kings of Space” for iOS and Android.

iOS : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kos/id1210851698?l=en&ls=1
Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kingsofspace
Website : http://www.kingsofspace.com

Thanks a lot to the OF Community for providing this awesome framework and addons !

To run the game, your device should have at least 1.5 Gigabtye of RAM, as for example the iPhone 6S.


Looks Great. Congrats on the release!

Superbly done. Gonna have lots of fun with it today. Congratulations.

How deep is the possiblity space?

Char matrices Elite like? 16bit? Another program here on 32 bits. 64? compound data serialized types aggregated on a server?

What kinds of stochastics to you utilize for content generation?

(genetic mutation, chaotic entanglement, fractal shearing)?

I noticed there is no procedural music?

But the ambient music is very nice.

You designed everything yourself?

Thank you, super fun project, thank you for sharing.
Some additional tech questions about how you do in-apps purchases, if you’d like to share would be sweet, but main ones are above.

Beatiful game. Congratulations again. You win! :slight_smile:


@coding Cody, thanks for the pointer. Indeed. Looks very sweet. However, it does not run on my target machine, a tablet with Android OS 4.2.2, so I can just guess.

Electronic Companies, Software makers, keep pushing planned oblivion agendas, constant updates, instead of coding it once, manufacturing once, consumers (not humans) think they buy, when they just rent for a specific time slot , machines and codex infra-structure.
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2020 10:17:42 +010
Subject: Re: [7-4643000030159] Your message about Google Play
On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 09:17 UTC André Sier wrote:
Hi again, Just to let you know of a practical example that happened to me quite recently. I had an important showcase of works I have been producing as research and art. I own 3 or 4 old android phones which I don’t use at all. I tried to use the phone as a canvas to install the painting i had produced. The phone in question is a Samsung GT 550 (might be wrong). The phone has Android 4.1. The software infrastructure I use, only allows to export Android 4.2+ I could not update Android OS on phone. I could not export painting to that phone. What am I supposed to do with the phone? Throw it away, batteries draining to the underground, infesting the soil, the plants, the animals which eat them, the humans that eat the animals or the plants? I tried. I guess if I was a better programmer, I could waste my time into porting the code for the painting I had written to that old platform. But it was too much time, and I was already late, I arrived very late to my own exhibition. This was just a simple case. Another one are a couple of BQ edison tablets I own. The same issue arisen. Android 4.1, code could not run on tablets, I had to buy a new tablet just for that work. And the code I written, runs smooth because its not cpu/graphics demanding. I wish there was an earth policy or something that electronic companies had to follow in order to prevent mandatory electronic waste. Thank you for listening. I mean no disrespect. Just facts about what actually happened to me quite recently, forcing me to pollute more, because I could not find an easy way to use the old gear I already own. I think I am not renting the electronic equipment. I have acquired it, would be nice if companies and software makers could have ethical concerns. Best regards, A On 20/04/20 09:39, André Sier wrote: > Hi, > > Thank you, any chance to transition existing users to new apps? > > I’ve heard lots of stories of developers abandoning their users, > > and this is something I’d like to avoid. > > Thank you for confirming this issue, that way, I can explain users > google play does not allow developers to transition current users to new > apps. > > Would be very nice if Electronic companies setting the Canvases by which > Artists can operate, would be a little more thoughtful about keeping the > planet safe, simply by supporting older systems, and older machines, > instead of pushing an ever ending agenda of constant purchases of new > electronic gear, which as you might be aware, has a severe impact on the > resources of the planet humans, animals, plants and telecommunication > gear operates on. > > Would be nice if you could also forward this note to listeners, with a > caption ‘Wall-E’ – there was still time to avoid it? Just asking,… > > Thank you, I will update my apps in the coming weeks. > > Best wishes. > > A > > On


Possibility space & Content generation

We have currently about 300 planets in the game. The stars are positioned using a formula based on spirals, to reproduce the look of a galaxy. I found spirals to be very useful for the planets too. We used “Vogel Spiral” to evenly distribute the anchor points on the planets, as shown in the screenshot below. The planets are designed by hand, we have an editor to place ambient objects and change colors.

The following link contains more info about the topic


Yeah, no procedural music so far. I don’t have much experience in this field, but it would sure be nice to integrate this feature :slight_smile:

By the way thanks to danoli3 for the cocos sound plugin, we use it for iOS.

You designed everything yourself?

We are two people behind the project, I am more into the coding and my colleague is the blender maestro and has designed most of the planets.

Concerning in app purchase, the attached files contain the android and iOS code as I use them in my project. Maybe they are helpful for someone. It is not everthing bundled in a addon, hope I can get back on this in the future. The Android project contains some special functions in ofActivity, for iOS the solution is written in Objective-C. Currently we support only consumable items.

DeviceLayerProject.ios.zip (15,5 KB)
DeviceLayerProject.android.zip (57,6 KB)

For iOS, I used the following source as inspiration

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so sweet, thank you for the input!

and the in app purchase layers!!!


You use a method ("Vogel Spiral”) also used at some works I collaborate on at s373.net/x studios. What you call Vogel Method, was described by Stephen Wolfram on his book “A New Kind of Science” https://wolframscience.com/nks/p411--growth-of-plants-and-animals/. Pages 412 and beyond are also a great source of mathematical modelling inspiration. Thank you for sharing some more of the processes utilized in your beatiful game. @as1er has been painting these patterns using biological inks on his 8-bits Maze Gardens projects, if you are curious https://andre-sier.com/wolfanddotcom/8-bitMazeGardens/

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@mkrebs Congratulations on a Beatiful Game!! :slight_smile:
It’s amazing to see what oF is capable of. Outshining std::gameengines!

@coding Yes, page 411 is a special page. 8-bit Maze Gardens are small map 2d versions / art, of the real Labyrinths constructed mainly with this method on the 0XLabyrinth immersive game project.