Kinetic 1 and Windows 10

I was hoping somebody could help me. I have downloaded VS 2017 and the most recent version of OF. I have plugged in my Kinetic 1 and installed the SDK 1.7

I can see the Kinetic working in the developer toolkit.

If I try the Kinetic example that comes with the OF download all of the three screens are blanc.

I have search and found all sorts of answers, mainly replacing drivers, non of which worked, and eventually I found somebody saying that you didn’t need any of them anymore just install the SDK and it works now.

What is the answer? do I have to replace any driver or are they supposed to just work now?

Thanks in advance

I’ve sorted it after nearly a day! The last time I ran the example, on a other computer about a year ago I got it working within about half an hour. Its taken me all day today!!!

Anyway my problem was using zadig. It took quite a lot of digging to find I needed libusk

I downloaded zadig 2.1.0, quite old. Not sure if there was a other was but it worked for me.

Obvs I’m putting everything I’ve downloaded in a folder with some notes, so in two years when I want to work on a project again I can remember how to even set up the environment.

I must admit it does happen a lot. VS, Eclipse, WXWidgets, VS code… the list of all the things you need to remember just goes on!