KinectJesture on Mac OS X 10.9 with XCode 5.1 and OF 0.8.1

I am attempting to revive an old project that deals with controlling the mouse pointer and overall system with gestures and an XBOX 360 Kinect.

I’ve been using the KinectExample as a reference point to base a lot of the reconfiguration of the project, especially when it comes to the Header Source Paths etc.
Unfortunately I am hitting a road block, and while I seem to have all the paths included, for some reason I keep getting an error with ofMain.h not being found.

Anyone have any pointers on getting this thing to work or to coax the code into compiling?

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The ofMain.h error is because this was built against an older version of openframeworks. I just had a quick go (I have no kinect here so I could not really test) and it all compiled. Here is what I did.

Make sure you have all the addons and their dependencies.

Use the project generator to make a new project and add all the required addons.

Go to the old project, copy all the files in the src folder except the main.cpp and paste them into to src folder of the clean app you made.

Also copy the server folder into the new folder containg the project you just made.

Copy the contents of the old bin folder to the new bin folder.

Edit the main.cpp file generated by your new app so it is like this

#include "ofMain.h"
#include "handJesture.h"


    int main( ){
    	ofSetupOpenGL(1024,768,OF_WINDOW);			// <-------- setup the GL context
    	// this kicks off the running of my app
    	// can be OF_WINDOW or OF_FULLSCREEN
    	// pass in width and height too:
    	ofRunApp(new HandJesture());

Open your new project and delete the ofApp.h and ofApp.cpp files, drag any source files that are in the source folder (the new one-this contains copies of the files from the old project) into the xcode project.
I also commented out this line in handjesture.cpp


After this you should be ok all this process is doing is updating the openframeworks version that the original project was built against.



It works! I actually tested it with my kinect … SO COOL.

Fred, thank you very much for your guidance. I’ve been working with this thing for over 2 weeks (a C++ novice here) and I’ve learned more in the past 4 hours than I have in 2 weeks.

Thank you!

Hey hoping someone can help me out here… i’m trying to use the KinectJesture too but I’m coming to an error saying ofxKinect.h not found. The file is clearly there in my src folder but it can’t seem to link it… thoughts anyone?

I had it wok,
Is it a real hand tracker or its just take an openCV blob and take the center?

@Otochi use project generator to generate your project include ofxKinect and all other addons, and shouldnt be an issue anymore.

i had error when compiling with ofevent.somthing

ofAddListener(ofEvents.mousePressed, this, &ofxSimpleGuiToo::mousePressed); 

i’ve change it to

ofAddListener(ofEvents().mousePressed, this, &ofxSimpleGuiToo::mousePressed);

and it works well

Thanks to @mkormendy for bringing that code back, and @fresla to solve it


i am trying to compile it on both 10.12 and on 10.9 with xcode 6.2 or 8 but build always fails.
It has an error in ofxMatrix4x4.h
No member named ‘v’ in ofxVec3F

is there any solution for it?

You can try this, I dont have a kinect to test it,

I can leave it up for a few days.