Kinect ventilation requirements when recessed in ceiling

Unable to find any technical specs on this, only vague requirements to “keep well ventilated.” I’m mounting a Kinect concealed in the ceiling in a recessed box. I can see ventilation ports on the side but need to give architectural spec on minimum space necessary for airflow. Normally this kind of thing is specified on datasheets, but there isn’t one I can find for the Kinect. I checked on the new Kinect for Windows SDK pages, but nothing there either.

how about this?

yep. that doesn’t specify airflow
but it doesn’t have any fans either

thanks. yeah the primesense datasheet doesn’t help. i do know from that the internal fan turns on at 70 C, but can only estimate how much space necessary to give the fans enough airflow. i posted on microsoft kinect forum but nobody seems to know there either. i’ll just try 1-2" all around and take my chances.

You’ll probably have to dissipate a max of 12W thermal power (which is ~ the rating of the wall wart), so this should give you an upper bound for any heatsink speccing.

If it’s in a small enclosed space with only an open bottom, you’ll probably need at least a little airflow, cause otherwise the hot air will pool up because of buoyancy.

it will be above ceiling line, with the face pointed down and also covered except for lenses. however there will be a fair amount of space above the ceiling, as in most construction, where wiring etc is concealed. so i think there can be openings or perforations in the recess box which will get horizontal airflow from the above-ceiling space.

Also check with obviousjim. He did an installation recently with ceiling installed kinectseoul.
Personally I’d use an asus as they’re 5V bu’s powered and no fans.
So (guessing, I’m not at a computer), that they’re about 5V*0.2A=1Watt which sounds good in comparison.
I’m not sure why the kinect has such hig power consumption. I always presumed that it was either just for the motor, or because the xbox USB plugs were low power (so they thought they may as well stick 12V in it). In fact, a lot of that 12Watts is probably for the fan

yeah i was checking the xtion out - smaller and bus power definitely a plus, especially in permanent installations with timed computer sleep and kinect re-connection issues. does the xtion pro work out of the box with ofxKinect on a Mac?

Works ‘out of the box’ with ofxOpenNI (I had to update openni to a recent version on my computer)

ah cool, will def consider that, thanks. of course, without fans its ventilation airflow needs might actually be greater. with the Xtion Pro, as opposed to Pro Live, the absence of RGB cam and audio and associated chips might keep heat lower. According to this thread - - Asus has discontinued the Xtion Pro Live, although i still see it for sale. I don’t need the Live, the earlier Xtion Pro will do since i don’t need RGB or audio, but it’s unclear if that has been discontinued as well.

Discontinued!?[me=elliotwoods]runs to eBay [/me]
I need those things!

I heard that kinect for windows is blocking sales here in korea of the asus xtion.
Bought 2 last month for £130ea new on eBay (delivered from Taiwan)

They’re US$160 (£101) at newegg - they don’t ship internationally but if you get desperate someone could buy and ship to you.