Kinect V2 Windows skeleton tracking Which addon and version of OF

Maybe I missed something but I wanted to get some advice on which kinect addon is best to use for getting skeleton data with windows 8.1

I have Elliot woods this requires OF 0.9.0 is there a specific commit to use or recent nightly build or branch or can I just go with the latest?

Joshua Noble’s common bridge
This seems to be outdated as the SDK has been released and updated

and Joshua nobles
With the kinect API. This also requires a specific commit of OF

Any advice would be great, I have very limited internet and before I leave things for hours downloading I wanted to get a headstart.

The only SDK version I seem to find on the MS site is KinectSDK-v2.0_1409-Setup.exe is this appropriate for any of these addons?



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Hi @fresla, I’ve been using Elliot’s addon, but with the 0.8.4 compatible branch:

My environment is this addon + oF 0.8.4 + VS2012 and everything is working ok.

you can also use @jahyadotnet’s addon

@micuat Cheers, I will go for

@genekogan I did try @jahyadotnet 's addon but only the standalone pre compiled.