Kinect v2 on osx

Has anyone lately used KinectV2 on OSX. I want to use it over the v1, the image looks a lot cleaner. I am using it for an installation and want to know the stability of it. Is it going to crap out, freeze, not register usb?

Any thought thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve used it with OSX with no problems, although I haven’t tested it for long periods of time. Maybe @theo can give a hint.


I have done many installation with kinectV2 on OSX and everything works well.

Have you had the installation reboot daily and have the kinect V2 work, @theo mentioned that the KinectV2 sometimes needs to be un-plugged/plugged on reboot.

I remember that @zach once told me he had to use a super fancy usb hub that you could activate/deactivate each port via serial for a project were he was having trouble with some webcams. I think it was for his “mas que la cara” project. Maybe something like that could help you with the kinects.

how often does it happens, it seems I never meet that;