Kinect v2 and lights

Hi all,
I am thinking of buying a Kinect V2 due to its superior in FOV and max depth features.
Still I would like to know from your experience how well does the Kv2 behave in in performances where lights are used to iluminate the dancers/actors.
I remember from using Kinect V1 , that the outline of the actors would deteriorate (noise would be introduced) when warm incandescent lights would be introduced - even below the max depth limit.

Kinect V2 uses a time of flight technology so I do not know how does this behave with such lights? How about relatively colder led lights?

Also , does skeletal tracking work for all 8 meters or is there a lower max depth in which skeletal information is successfully recovered?

Thank you for your help!

The kinect cameras use infrared light so they work even in the dark. If your doing depth tracking the ambient light settings shouldn’t be much of a factor unless you have something introducing a lot of IR interference and even then it would have to be at a similar frequency