Kinect+SLR Filmmaking workshop @ Hangar in Barcelona

Hey everyone,

We are doing another Kinect+SLR filmmaking workshop using the RGBDToolkit (which is all made in openFrameworks of course!) at Hangar on April 28th and 29th!

Here is a video of the one we did at resonate, which was a ton of fun:

This time we are doing two days. The first day is learning the process, and the second day is hacking open the code or making short films together. Whatever we can come up with.

Spread the word and come out!

hey this really nice !!
this is maybe not the right place, I have kind of bug, (mac 10.6)- in rgbdcalibrate the kinect most of the time the kinect doesn’t show up. in one day I have seen it three times, really weird bug.
So I try to recompile the sources, but I’m pretty a beginner
I have errors like:
ofxDepthImageProvider.h: No such file or directory

ofxCvCheckerboardPreview.h: no such file or directory

couldn’t find anything about this objects-
do you think recompile could fix the problem ? do you know what these files refer to ?
thx in advance.

hey there,

yes there is a bug in the current release where the camera shows up black sometimes. It’s been fixed for the new version that we will be launching at this workshop.

For compiling, there is a script that will pull all the necessary addons in from the main repo: in particulare, the ofxRGBDepth addon has all the files that you see missing.

Thx man !!
any chance you’ll come in france sometimes ? :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!

We’ve made the workshop cheaper to help encourage more diverse and curious people to come.

It’s 25 euro per day or FREE if you bring a Kinect/SLR to work with (since we are not providing them).

Here’s the updated info:

There is also an openFrameworks meet up at ZZZINC on Friday here:

RSVP if you want to join up with us!