Kinect Skeletal Tracking w/ Branded Visual Effects Rendering for B-Reel LA

I am helping the company that I am current contracting for, B-Reel LA
( ), look for a contract
Creative Developer for an exciting project. We are considering candidates
located in Los Angeles or San Francisco only. The project would be
onsite in their lovely Venice office and last around 2.5 months ( from
April - Mid-June ). The nature of the work would be developing a
Kinect skeletal tracking application for an event, where a person’s
silhouette would be augmented with branded, generative graphics, and
accessories that would modulate their appearance as a specific iconic
character. You would also be interacting with me from time to time,
as I will be designing/developing on other parts of the project
simultaneously. I am not at liberty to mention the client, but they
are a big name.

More about what they’d need from you:

  • C++ programming experience, specifically working in OpenFrameworks
    with OpenGL.
  • Familiarity with Box2D or other physics library.
  • Kinect project experience a must, OpenNI, Kinect SDK experience a plus
  • D3 Technologies familiarity ( - not
    to be confused with D3js ), as this will likely be an important
    component of the show, is a plus.
  • Be art direct-able with the ability to follow style guides and
    branding to create stunning generative graphics that look better than
    faux-code photoshop comps.
  • Previous work experience with agencies, post-production houses, or
    commercial design studios is a big plus.
  • User experience is a part of your practice, whether your entry point
    is through design or research.

If you are interested in this role, please contact me directly at. I don’t need to know about your rate or
specific availability details, as I am just the first level of screening
for my client for this role. Please send anything that you think
might be helpful in my understanding your abilities and getting a
sense of your previous projects. If it’s a fit, I will pass your info
along to my client, and you will likely be hearing from them very soon.