Kinect set width or height

Hi, I am dealing with kinect v1 on my mac.

I want to set width and height of kinect cam, but the default values are 640 and 480, and I tried to modify the header file and set the width and height to 1024, 768, the screen shows weird visuals.

Is there any way i can modify the width and height of kinect?


Since the kinect v1 specifications constrain the w/h image dimensions, you should manage the image capture dimensions by yourself instead (very likely making a copy of it).
I don’ t know what you try to achieve but there are a few ways.
As I recall the ofImage class has a resize method which internally does linear interpolation to adjust the image to a different size, you could use openCV that has these kind of features as well.
By using openCV yo have the scaleIntoMe method (the one I used), by the way I found a forum thread related to pixel scaling using the last method I mentioned.

Hope it helps.

thanks! @kovicic !!
yeah i was using ofxCvColorImage and I used scaleIntoMe() method to solve it!