Kinect Project (Paid)

Hi Everyone I work for an Orchestra based in London and we are looking for a developer to work with us on our next installation. I have put a bit of information about the project below, if you are intrested drop me an email my address is at the bottom.

Universe of Sound
Universe of Sound is a video and sound installation by the Philharmonia Orchestra, following on from the very successful Re-rite “be the orchestra”. For more info have a look at

As part of the universe of sound installation we are looking to have a series of interactive “pods” these pods could be seen as a type of “conductor hero” where the audience get to conduct along with and control the orchestra. We have a prototype of the system working in Quartz composer but feel it lacks the polish that may be needed for an installation of this type as well as lacking in its ability to playback multiple HD video files smoothly.
We are looking to find someone to develop this project for us as we do not have the time or expertise to develop it to the level we would be happy with.
We are looking for the following points out of this project.
-Video is a key part of the project and when these pods are in the installation they will need to play synchronised with the rest of the installation. The installation currently is synchronised through a start command that is sent over UDP or OSC (open sound control). The pods would need to reliably receive these commands and play an HD file in synchronisation with the rest of the installation. It may be needed to play an number of video files at the same time in synchronisation.

  • At various points in the interaction the user will be required to use hands to change the sound that is playing – e.g. move hand towards certain parts of the screen to change which instrument is playing. This will also potentially affect the video which is playing (i.e. crossfade between two or more video streams)

  • User will also conduct along following and on-screen representation of a conductor’s movements, if they do not follow the path the sound should progressively deteriorate. Potentially a ‘score’ is awarded at the end “playing” depending on how accurately they follow.

The pods should work for able bodied and wheelchair users alike .
There should be on screen instructions for users when they enter the pod.
Reliability is a key component as the first installation is in London Science museum where user traffic will be very high.
As these pods will be small the setup may need to work with wide angle lens on the kinect.
This can be developed on any platform as long as it meets the above objectives as we have yet to purchase all equipment for this project.
One idea we would like to implement is the idea that a conducting session could be record in 3d with the kinect, this would then be uploaded to the internet where a user would be given a unique URL where the could log in an share a avitar of themselves conducting the orchestra.

This project will need to be in a full tested and working condition by 1st May 2012
To be discussed

If you have any questions drop me an email to