kinect openni depth buffer issues

Today I used the Kinect for the first time in a large open space
(indoors) where the walls & ceiling were way out of range of the IR
dots (image warehouse). I was getting lots of stalls and like 1 frame
a second on the depth image. Even with two people stood in front, it
wasn’t working great as there was more empty space in the depth image.
It was like there wasn’t enough data coming into the depth sensor.

Looking in my console I saw this

241709030 [WARNING] Unknown packet type (0xfade)!!!
241709037 [WARNING] Unknown packet type (0xfade)!!!
241709780 [WARNING] Depth Frame Buffer overflow! current
size: 612768
241709797 [WARNING] Depth frame is corrupt!
241709809 [WARNING] Read: Depth buffer is corrupt. Size is
612768 (!=
241714682 [WARNING] Depth Frame Buffer overflow! current
size: 612768
241714731 [WARNING] Depth frame is corrupt!
241744337 [WARNING] Read: Depth buffer is corrupt. Size is
612768 (!=

Is this an artefact of the sensor / driver, or the library I am using
perhaps (ofxOpenNi in openFrameworks).

I posted this on openNi group too, I was wondering if anyone
experiences this with the openkinect drivers?

Any advice would be great.


Hi Chris,

i am experiencing also some trouble regarding framerate of the Depthmap.
i am using OpenNI:

Datasheets says 640x380 at 30 fps, for now it looks like i have only 10 fps.
I need to investigate and compare few things before saying anything.

Hello to all,

I’ve registered myself in this forum for the first time today.
I’m glad that you have a wonderful forum here.

Well, I’m a total newbie here. I am not sure whether this is the subsection for my question or not.

As you have demonstrated graphically, I would like to capture the swinging motion of my white handkerchief, 8inchx8inch, in front of the Kinect sensor, 4 or 5 foot away. Hopefully 25 frames per second.(or 20 frames would be OK)

I just found that talks about the high speed USB analyzer interfaced to the Kinect and a PC.

For acquiring and analyzing the motion of the fabric, do you recommend I should prepare the USB analyzer on top of the Kinect and a PC? Well, I’d like to analyze the speed or acceleration of the fabric.

Sorry for my newbie question.

Hi Chris,

I have had troubles with the Kinect used on a shiny black concrete floor and depth data.
I guess they were reflecting too much of the light.

I have no idea this could be the case for you?