kinect (ofxKinect): error running example

he folks!

I downloaded OF v0062 for vs2010 FAT edition and **ofxKinect **addon.

working on win7 prof x64

when running the example visual studio project included in the ofxKinect download, I get the following error:

Error 1 error C2039: ‘setFromExternalPixels’ : is not a member of ‘ofPixels’ d:\desktop\prokin_dev\of\openframeworks\addons\ofxkinect\src\ofxkinect.cpp 184 1 kinectExample

prompt window:
Unable to start program…can’t find “…/kinectExample_debug.exe”

would be great, if anyone of you can help me out here?

thank you!
felix :slight_smile:

hmm. what version did you try it with? that one?

he underdoeg! thanks for your answer!

no, I took the “develop branch”, which includes the visual studio example files.

I’m getting the exact same problem.

from the notes on git, it looks like us windows people would need to use OF 0062 with the develop branch of ofxKinect. would be nice to be able to use 0070.

Were you able to get this working by any chance??


Same problem here.

Anyone got any news about it?