Kinect oficial drivers or any other? Up-to-Date guide perhaps?

Hello again!
I’ve been reading a bunch of Kinect articles (most of which are outdated), and also some up-to-date threads here, but I’m confused. Do I have to use the oficial Microsoft drivers? There is too much outdated info on the internet!

I would like to know what should I do. Do I use the oficial drivers? can you guys point me to an up-to-date guide that might take into account the fact that there are oficial drivers already (which work great by the way).
Does ofxKinect run on windows?

I’m using Windows 7 x64 and running Code Blocks and Visual C++ 32bit for both oF 0.062 and 0.07 and I’d like to run any example of kinect, ideally of kinect depth used as openCV source for blob analisis.
Maybe a sticky thread about kinect might help others too.

Thank you.=)

lots of good info here

I hadn’t found that one, and the date looks very promising! :smiley:

thank you! :smiley:
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The part I don’t get at the moment is I have the oficial microsoft drivers installed, in order to run some samples like ofxKinect do I need libfreenect?

I got the latest ofxKinect example working using info on this thread.’t-compile/6941/0
:P… but I don’t know what is lost by commenting out “copyFromExternalPixels”

Any more cool guides?