Kinect Nui -ofxKinectNui

I am looking for a kinect addon that uses the SDK directly (I want native Skelton tracking on windows via the SDK for the old kinect- v1). I want to avoid using OpenNi as it is not so portable on windows anyway and then it messes up a bunch of other things I use with the native microsoft drivers…

I found this, but after sorting the linking errors I cannot get it to compile, I am guessing as it does not follow const correctness - it tells me that ofxKinectNui.h and a few other files are an abstract class.

Does anyone have any functioning code for this, or can someone point me in the right direction of how I might be able to re-write these classes to adhere to const correctness (as you can tell if I am asking this question it is a bit over my head- I did read that this could mean that not all declared methods have a definition but fixing this did not help).

The K1 is getting pretty old now so I don’t think much development has happened recently. If you want the SDK directly why don’t you just do that and skip the addon?

If you want an addon try KinnectCommBridge or search ofxAddons

Cheers, if I could avoid the hardware I would, I need to revive a project and I need to use the kinect 1. The depth and skeleton tracking is still great and it is much cheaper to extend. Of course I don’t want only the SDK but to be using it with OF. I need to avoid the openni/nite route as I need to have some other utilities run that need the Microsoft kinect drivers. Obviously had a good search of ofxaddons, the ofxnui was the most promising for my needs.

But, I thought ofxKinectCommonBridge was for the kinect 2, I did not know I could use it with a kinect 1. Maybe your solved my problem.