Kinect not working on 27" iMac (Late 2013) running Mojave 10.14.5 but works on 15" Macbook Pro (2018) running Mojave 10.14.4

kinectExample is unable to identify my kinect device ( [warning] ofxKinect: no available devices found). However, the same device works perfectly fine on my laptop and is recognised instantly.

Apart from the Mojave versioning the rest of the setups on the two macs are the same. Any ideas what the issue could be?

Thanks in advance!

which kinect is it v1 or v2? the v2 is very picky about the usb3.0 ports.
Also, I wouldn’t run mojave on a 2013 machine. I know that rolling back to a previous version of macos can be a pain, but it might be worth trying. You can try to install into a different hard drive, so you can then switch between these. Not sure if this would work with a partitioned drive and mojave as it uses Apple’s new drive format.
Last, if you go to Apple Menu (up left corner of screen) > About this Mac > click “System report” > select USB, does the kinect show up there?


Thanks for the quick response!

I’m using kinect v1.

I checked the system report and the kinect is only recognised as a generic hub compared to my laptop where it recognises the camera etc.

FInally enough, when i connect the kinect through a usb hub it recognises Xbox NUI Camera and Xbox Kinect Audio but it crashes here:

FN_INTERNAL int fnusb_control(fnusb_dev *dev, uint8_t bmRequestType, uint8_t bRequest, uint16_t wValue, uint16_t wIndex, uint8_t *data, uint16_t wLength)


return libusb_control_transfer(dev->dev, bmRequestType, bRequest, wValue, wIndex, data, wLength, 0);


i get a bad access code error

Hi, did you ever tried connecting a kinect to that iMac before upgrading to mojave? I would bet that I has something to do with it.

Did you try all the USB ports?
For some reason on the older iMacs we had to use only certain USB ports for Kinect v1.

All the best!

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the suggestions, turns out it was a problem with the kinect power adapter. I think I had a fake one but now with the original xbox one it works on all my computers!

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